NewClimate Institute is an implementing partner of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), supporting its work to improve transparency and help build a toolbox of resources for governments as well as non-state actors.

Under this project we have advanced NewClimate’s COMPASS suite of tools which are design to help analysts and decision makers navigate a range of climate action impacts. This includes the integration of tools into the ICAT toolbox; improvements to climate scenario modelling tools, such as PROSPECTS+; and both the expansion of existing tools as well as the development of new ones to enable assessment of sustainable development impacts of climate action. These cover employment and health impacts in the electricity supply sector (EIM-ES; AIRPOLIM-ES); a range of socioeconomic benefits from decarbonising the urban transport sector (TRACE) and a framework to identify green recovery measures, focusing on developing country needs (SCREEN).

Our team is also promoting the application of these tools, through training workshops and direct support to their use by national experts in selected ICAT participating countries.

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