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Workshop for journalists: How to report on corporate net zero targets: telling greenwashing apart from real ambition
Venue International Journalism Festival / online
Date 20 Apr 2024
Start time 12:35

During this workshop we will hear from Sören Amelang and Sybrig Smit (NewClimate Institute) with whom CLEW created a 7-step guide for journalists to unravel a net zero target. The workshop will reflect on lessons learned, with practical tips that reporters can use immediately to unpick a net zero target.

COP28: Early retirement of fossil fuel assets
Venue IDFC pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 11 Dec 2023
Start time 18:30

This side event aimed to support development banks to learn how they could best mobilise finance to enable ambitious early retirement of fossil fuel assets.

COP28: Turning the Global Stocktake into Action on the Ground
Venue SE Room 1, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
Start time 16:45

In this COP28 side event, government representatives and others explored how countries, cities and others can use a strong Global Stocktake outcome at COP28 as a jumping off point for advancing bold climate actions and policies at home, including laying the groundwork for submitting much stronger nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in 2025.

COP28: Funding the Green Transition: Navigating Developing Countries’ Climate Finance Needs
Venue SE Room 8, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
Start time 15:00

This side event discussed articulation of finance needs in countries’ NDCs and LTS’; the important role of finance ministries and IFIs in developing investment plans; and explore sectoral transition costs.

COP28: Ratcheting integrity of net zero commitments to unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum
Venue SE Room 3, Blue Zone, COP28
Date 08 Dec 2023
Start time 16:45

This side event, hosted by Net Zero Tracker, discussed critical opportunities to match the ever-growing take-up of net zero targets with increased robustness to, in turn, unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum.

COP28: Climate Change Performance Index 2024 launch
Venue Press Conference 2, Zone B6
Date 08 Dec 2023
Start time 13:00

This press conference launches the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2024 at COP28.

COP28: Limiting warming to 1.5°C: Systems transformation in the energy sector
Venue EU pavilion [online only]
Date 06 Dec 2023
Start time 16:30

Framed by the current climate crisis, exemplified by the record-breaking events of this summer, the event will highlight the growing role environmental data play in informing decisions and policies of our society, through a variety of voices and experiences

COP28: Towards Net-Zero: Sciences Perspective
Venue Meeting Room 36, Zone B2
Date 05 Dec 2023
Start time 15:00

The event will explore pathways to support the implementation of climate policies for the post-2030 period, consistent with the Paris Agreement and net-zero targets. It will flag justice and equity perspectives in relation to the net-zero ambitions. It will highlight how transparency systems and tracking progress of implementation and achievement of NDCs can facilitate transformative policies. Moderator: Ruta Bubniene , UNFCCC, Transparency Division Speakers: Miriam Hinostroza, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Center Detlef van Vuuren, Utrecht University Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute Bas van...

COP28: What we need from the Global Stocktake
Venue Action Arena 2 (Al Wakri), Blue Zone
Date 05 Dec 2023
Start time 10:00

This joint UNFCCC and UNEP side event features a presentation of the key findings of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2023 followed by a panel discussion on what we need from the Global Stocktake.

COP28: Press conference - Climate Action Tracker
Venue Press conference room 2, B6, Blue Zone
Date 05 Dec 2023
Start time 09:00

The CAT team presented their latest Global Update briefing at a press conference at COP28 in Dubai. Speakers: Ana Missirliu, NewClimate Institute Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute Cindy Baxter, Climate Action Tracker Bill Hare, Climate Analytics Claire Stockwell, Climate Analytics Fabby Tumiwa, The Institute for Essential Services Reform

COP28: Press conference - Net Zero Tracker
Venue Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6-Builiding 77, Blue Zone
Date 04 Dec 2023
Start time 10:00

The Net Zero Tracker consortium will release new work at press conference at COP28, Dubai.

COP28: Just Energy Transition in Low and Middle-Income Countries – Insights from UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report 2023
Venue South Africa Pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 03 Dec 2023
Start time 10:30

This side event had a special focus on discussions on just energy transition in low- and middle-income countries and the potential synergies and trade-offs in jointly pursuing development and decarbonization agendas.

COP28: Nordic Stocktake and Visions for a Global Net-Zero Future
Venue Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 02 Dec 2023
Start time 17:00

At this side event, there was a presentation of main findings of the Nordic Stocktake project, followed by an interactive panel debate on GLOBAL VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE.

Press conference: UNEP’s 2023 Emissions Gap Report
Venue Online
Date 20 Nov 2023
Start time 15:00

At this press conference UNEP's 2023 Emissions Gap Report will be launched.

Virtual Event: The State of Climate Action in 2023
Venue Online
Date 15 Nov 2023
Start time 16:00

This virtual event will feature the report’s latest findings, highlighting both signals of positive change and instances of lackluster progress that continue to fall far short of global climate goals.

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