The Climate Action Tracker is a science-based assessment that provides regularly updated information on countries’ emission reduction proposals and policies. It reflects the latest status of the progress being made at international climate negotiations on mitigation commitments. The Climate Action Tracker enables the public and policy makers to track emission commitments and actions of countries.

The Climate Action Tracker website provides an up-to-date assessment of individual country emission reduction pledges and policies, and compares those to the effort necessary to hold warming well below 2°C , and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. Detailed country reports and regular policy briefings provide additional insights in the current climate policy landscape.

While the Climate Action Tracker project started in the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit with a focus on the year 2020, it now also evaluates “nationally determined contributions” (NDCSs) under the Paris Agreement. With its Decarbonisation Data Portal, it tracks progress of sectoral and macroeconomic indicators.

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