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Climate Action Tracker's Data Explorer

The Climate Action Tracker's (CAT) Data Explorer is an interactive web-based tool, that allows users to explore CAT data from CAT's country analyses, country ratings and 1.5°C compatible sector benchmarks to help better understand countries’ progress on climate mitigation. The Data Explorer covers the following data: Country emissions analysis Country ratings Sector indicators and 1.5°C compatible benchmarks All data and visuals are available for download.

Transport Transition Pathway Explorer (TTPE)

The Transport Transition Pathway Explorer (TTPE) is an open-source, MS Excel-based bottom-up stock turnover model to derive and compare transition pathways for the transport sector.

Climate Policy Database

The Climate Policy Database (CDPB) is an open, collaborative tool to advance the data collection of the implementation status of climate policies.

Performance Distribution Tool

The Performance Distribution Tool is an web-based application that was developed to support the first Global Stocktake (GST). The tool can help identify trends in the indicator and the existence of leaders and laggards. It enables peer pressure among countries and public scrutiny, which contribute to enhancing ambition in the GST process.

Net Zero Tracker and ChatNetZero

The Net Zero Tracker is the world’s only open-source independent review of the quantity and quality of net zero targets across countries, regions, cities, and companies and is complemented by ChatNetZero, the world’s first net-zero policy and action chatbot powered by large language models (LLMs).

Systems Change Lab data platform

The data platform analyses the state of play across each system, explains how systems are connected and identifies actions that can accelerate change.


This tool quantifies the health impacts of air pollution from the transport sector that can be applied in multiple countries, or cities.

COMPASS toolbox

The "COMPASS” toolbox is a selection of climate scenario modelling tools to assess and understand the impacts of climate action and policies.

Policy impact assessment tool (EV)

This tool quantifies the future share of new EVs and Light Duty Vehicle fleet in a given country based on the status of policy implementation.

CLIMTRADE - Impacts of climate regulation on trade

The CLIMTRADE tool allows users to analyse a range of economic impacts associated with carbon border adjustments.

SCREEN - Screening for sustainable development and climate action in green recovery

The SCREEN tool allows users to define their country’s context and distinct challenges, providing a shortlist of potentially impactful policy focus areas.

TRACE - Co-benefits in decarbonising transport

The TRACE tool provides quantitative evaluation of selected non-climate impacts from decarbonising the urban transport sector.

CAAT - Climate Action Aggregation Tool

The CAAT tool guides users to compile non state and subnational actor data in landscape analysis, impact and overlap analysis and comparison of NDCs.

Actor and Policy Mapping Tool

This tool maps actors, policies, and policy planning processes and includes a features to track linkages between actors and policies.

Estimation of the carbon offset credit supply potential

These tools provide bottom-up estimates of the volume of credits that could be issued under a range of different scenarios.

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