In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and despite rhetoric of building back better, the world is currently on track towards 2.7°C of warming, overshooting the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 °C temperature target.

Considering their historical responsibility and their significant capacities in terms of wealth, technology, and know-how, the EU and its member states, in particular Germany, have an important responsibility to raise global ambition and mobilise partners for a green recovery. This calls for more than making the European Green Deal a reality: Europe has a responsibility to engage with and support developing countries to transform their societies.

The aim of this project, conducted by NewClimate Institute with financial support from the ECF, is to analyse the extent to which German and European international relations and finance are aligned with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement.

A climate audit of German and EU foreign diplomacy will provide a better overview and understanding of foreign policy, international initiatives, and finance. The reports will coincide with key European and global political calendars and serve to improve the coherence, consistency, and effectiveness of climate diplomacy at both bilateral and multilateral levels.

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