NewClimate Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability generates ideas on climate change and drives their implementation. We raise ambition for action against climate change and support sustainable development through research, policy design and knowledge sharing


The climate crisis requires bold and immediate action. A deep transformation of our economies is needed to secure the livelihood and well-being of today’s and future generations. Achieving this in a socially equitable and sustainable way presents one of the biggest challenges facing our society today.

The urgency of the crisis calls for collective creative efforts, radical new thinking and technological and social innovations across all sectors and segments of society. Countries which have hardly contributed to the problem in the past now also need to play their part in mitigating climate change while solving other pressing social and economic problems. Policies, technologies and approaches that may have worked in the past may lose their validity in light of the speed at which we need to act.

NewClimate is driven by the need to solve the climate crisis. We are prepared to face difficult questions and dissect them, to then identify, analyse and implement solutions together with our partners and clients. We strive to provide balanced, fair and effective solutions underpinned by the latest available science, with the objective to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C.

Our outputs are made to be shared and used as an open resource. We translate our research and analysis to clear, actionable guidance and recommendations in accessible formats to enable stakeholders to take bold climate action or convince others to do so.

We collaborate with fellow research and thinktank partners, governments, international organisations, foundations and non-governmental organisations.

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