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Chetna Hareesh Kumar

Chetna Hareesh Kumar works on projects related to climate and development. Her expertise includes clean energy policy topics, notably renewable energy and energy efficiency financing for emerging economies. Before joining NewClimate, she worked as a researcher and analyst with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and REN21 Secretariat in Paris, as well as the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) in New Delhi. She holds a Master's in International Economic Policy (with specialisations in Energy and Research Methods) from Sciences Po Paris and a B.A. (Hons...

Review of “Paris compatible sectoral guidelines of the KfW Banking Group” for Electricity, Oil, and Gas
Publication date 27 Mar 2023

Background and summary: At COP 26 in Glasgow in 2021, Germany signed a pledge to end international finance of fossil fuels by the end of 2022, except in limited and clearly defined circumstances that are consistent with a 1.5°C warming limit and the goals of the Paris Agreement. Under the 2022 German Presidency, G7 leaders’ communiqué echoed the spirit of the Glasgow commitment. While the communiqué recognizes the exceptional circumstances stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it stresses that any temporary publicly supported investment must still be “consistent with our climate...

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue: Trends and challenges in Southeast Asia
Venue BETD and online
Date 30 Mar 2023
Start time 10:00

In this event, high-ranking representatives of partner countries from Southeast Asia and international development partners, and civil society discussed the role of international partners in accelerating just coal transition in Southeast Asia.

Deutsche LNG-Ausbaupläne führen zu Überkapazität und gefährden Klimaschutzziele
Publication date 17 Mar 2023

Dieser Bericht liefert einen Review und eine klimapolitische Einordnung der aktuellen Studienlage zu neuen und geplanten LNG-Importkapazitäten in Deutschland.

Ana Missirliu

Ana Missirliu’s work focuses on tracking climate action. She is part of the Climate Action Tracker team, which evaluates national climate change commitments and policies. Prior to joining NewClimate, Ana worked as a policy analyst at one of Japan’s leading government relations consultancies, researching energy policy. She has also experience designing and implementing advocacy campaigns for environmental NGOs in Asia. She holds a dual Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Tokyo and Sciences Po Paris.

Emily Daly

Emily Daly works on tracking climate action through benchmarking work for the buildings sector and renewable energy transitions. Prior to joining NewClimate, she worked as an intern at UNEP-WCMC, supporting impact monitoring for the organization’s National Ecosystem Assessment project. Emily holds a BA from Columbia University, and MSc degrees in Sociology & Global Change from The University of Edinburgh and in Climate Change: Environment, Science, and Policy from King’s College London.

Virtual event: Data-Driven Energy Transition: Launching of Power Sector Data Browser
Venue Online
Date 10 Mar 2023
Start time 08:00

Data-driven energy transition is crucial for developing sustainable and efficient energy systems. By using data to inform decision-making, energy professionals, researchers, policymakers, and advocates can ensure that they are taking evidence-based actions toward energy transition. However, energy transition is rapidly changing and requires access to a wide range of information and data. As a result, energy transition professionals, including researchers, think tanks, clean energy advocates, and policymakers, often need help finding relevant information in one place. Collecting and...

Greenhouse gas distributions to inform the global stocktake
Publication date 03 Mar 2023

In this analysis, we demonstrate how global progress across a range of sectoral emission indicators can be assessed using performance distributions to allow for a detailed and nuanced analysis without singling out individual countries.

National 1.5 °C wind and solar benchmarks

Development of a robust methodology to establish Paris-compatible wind and solar benchmarks at the national / regional level, and calculating those benchmarks for a range of countries.

The role of hydrogen in decarbonisation - Investment opportunities for Latin America
Publication date 23 Feb 2023

This report assesses the role of hydrogen in several Paris-aligned decarbonisation scenarios and their implications for the Latin American region. It makes a comprehensive assessment of several hydrogen applications considering technology readiness, temporality, and regional context. The results provide insights to policy makers, public and private investors on the best opportunities for hydrogen in the short term.

Virtual event: Systems Change for People and Planet: What You Need to Know
Venue Online
Date 02 Mar 2023
Start time 16:00

To limit global temperature rise, conserve nature, and build a fairer economy that benefits everyone, we will need deep change across every aspect of our economies at a pace and scale we have not yet seen. Because our world is complex and interconnected — small changes in one system can have unforeseen consequences in others — spurring transformative action requires a systemic approach. Join Systems Change Lab on March 2 at 4 p.m. CET (10 a.m. EST) to learn what you need to know about systems change. Systems Change Lab has identified more than 70 transformational shifts needed to protect both...

Virtual launch: Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2023
Venue Online
Date 13 Feb 2023
Start time 15:00

The 2023 edition of the annual Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor (CCRM) thoroughly and objectively analyses the climate pledges and plans of 24 global corporations that claim climate leadership. The companies assessed include numerous household names, national flagships and leaders in their sectors. Want to learn more? Join us on Monday 13 February at 3pm CET for the virtual launch of the 2023 CCRM and a presentation of the main findings. Moderator: Sabine Frank (Carbon Market Watch) Speakers: Silke Mooldijk and Thomas Day (NewClimate Institute) Lindsay Otis Nilles (Carbon Market Watch)...

FAQs - Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2023
Publication date 13 Feb 2023

The authors of the 2023 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor share their perspectives on questions related to the analysis, and its implications.

Press Release – Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2023
Publication date 13 Feb 2023

The climate strategies of 24 of the worlds’ largest ‘climate leader’ companies are wholly insufficient and mired by ambiguity. These are the findings of the 2023 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor, conducted by NewClimate Institute in collaboration with Carbon Market Watch.

Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2023
Publication date 13 Feb 2023

The second iteration of the Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor, conducted by NewClimate Institute in collaboration with Carbon Market Watch, assesses the climate strategies of 24 major global companies.

Juliette De Grandpré

Juliette de Grandpré works on carbon markets and development issues. She has more than 15 years of experience in the climate policy field. Particular areas of expertise include European climate policy, carbon pricing especially the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, carbon markets and just transition. Prior to joining NewClimate Institute she was a Senior Policy Advisor on Climate & Energy at WWF Germany where she led the organization’s strategic orientation on European climate and energy policy advocacy work as well as the work on carbon markets, focusing on the future of voluntary carbon markets...

Finance needs for Indonesia’s Just Energy Transition Partnership

Assessing the financial requirements for a socially just power sector transition that delivers for people and the climate

Plans for German liquefied natural gas terminals are massively oversized
Publication date 13 Dec 2022

The study compares Germany's plans for the expansion of LNG import infrastructure with the actual need for imports. The analysis concludes that Germany's plans are massively oversized and not compatible with the path to climate neutrality. Germany's climate protection goals require a significant reduction in gas consumption, and the planned infrastructure either risks large financial losses due to low utilisation, or calls into question compliance with the path to climate neutrality.

Online event: Climate Action in Africa
Venue Online
Date 12 Dec 2022
Start time 15:00

The Climate Action Tracker held a virtual event entitled: “What’s next for the African continent? Charting a path to ambitious climate action in 2023”

Online event: Boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity
Venue Online
Date 08 Dec 2022
Start time 12:00

NewClimate joined E3G's event on boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity. In particular, the event looked at biodiversity and land-use finance and the challenges associated with it.

Online event: Energiewende in Krisenzeiten: Sind Klimaschutz und Versorgungssicherheit vereinbar?
Venue Online
Date 08 Dec 2022
Start time 11:00

NewClimates Expertin Hanna Fekete hat an Energiesysteme der Zukunfts Webinar "Energiewende in Krisenzeiten: Sind Klimaschutz und Versorgungssicherheit vereinbar?" teil genommen.

Pläne für deutsche Flüssigerdgas-Terminals sind massiv überdimensioniert
Publication date 08 Dec 2022

Die Studie vergleicht die Pläne Deutschlands für den Ausbau der LNG-Importinfrastruktur mit dem tatsächlichen Bedarf an Importen. Die Analyse kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass die Pläne Deutschlands massiv überdimensioniert und nicht mit dem Pfad zur Klimaneutralität vereinbar sind. Deutschlands Klimaschutzziele verlangen eine deutliche Reduktion des Gasverbrauchs und die geplante Infrastruktur riskiert entweder große finanzielle Verluste durch eine geringe Auslastung, oder stellt das Einhalten des Pfads zur Klimaneutralität in Frage.

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