The Climate Policy Database (CDPB) is an open, collaborative tool to advance the data collection of the implementation status of climate policies. This project is funded by the European Union H2020 ELEVATE project and was, in its previous phase, funded under ENGAGE and CD-Links. The database is maintained by NewClimate Institute with support from Wageningen University and Research and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

The CPDB is annually updated to include latest policy developments. These updated include new policies adopted and updates on existing policies, such as changes to the content and implementation status of policies (for example, when a policy is ended, superseded, or goes from being planned to in force).

The CPDB includes a policy matrix used to analyse the evolution of climate policy adoption, identify adoption gaps, and benchmark what constitutes a comprehensive policy coverage.

The CPDB closely tracks national climate policy developments in 42 countries including the European Union (EU) and includes non-exhaustive information for the remaining countries.

Updating the CPDB is a collaborative effort of country experts who track new policies adopted in individual countries as part of their specific work (Figure 1). This research process includes surveying existing policy databases, as well as analysing official government documents, third-party reports, news sites and others.

CPDB data can be downloaded directly from the CPDB website, as well as via an API. It has recently been used in multiple scientific publications and projects. For a recent overview, see the About the database page.

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Figure 1: Overview of CDPB data collection process.
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