The Climate action Outcomes and Mitigation Policy Assessment “COMPASS” toolbox is a selection of climate scenario modelling tools developed by NewClimate Institute to support decision-makers, analysts and civil society to assess and understand the impacts of climate action and policies.

Common features across tools:

  • Focused on impacts of actions and policies to mitigate climate change
  • Modular setup, designed to be used either as standalone tools; or with soft links to other COMPASS tools and/or third-party models
  • Excel-based analytical tools
  • Facilitate comparison across different scenarios / policies / outcomes
  • Explore potential opportunities and barriers to raise climate ambition

The COMPASS tools cover the following areas:

Track and analyse

Track and analyse GHG emission scenarios

Tools to track and project GHG emission scenarios at both sectoral and economy-wide levels:

Analyse sustainable development impacts

Analyse sustainable development impacts

Suite of analytical tools to help understand the impacts of climate action on sustainable development objectives:

Assess sectoral climate policies

Assess sectoral climate policies

Tools to support policy impact projections drawing on technology S-curve modelling logic:

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