Under the umbrella of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), an initiative aimed at providing policy makers with common tools and support to measure and assess the effects of their climate policies, a series of guidance documents were developed. NewClimate Institute together with CDP, The Climate Group and WRI led the development of policy guidance on non-state and subnational action.

The Non-State and Subnational Action Guide facilitates the integration of the impacts of actions by entities such as states, regions, cities, and businesses into national GHG projections and mitigation assessments. This Guide provides tools for the integration of non-state actors’ activities including how to account for the variety of non-state and subnational actions undertaken by regions, cities, companies and/or sectors; assess the extent to which those actions are a means towards achieving or surpassing national climate targets; and reflect the impact of those actions in national GHG projections, policy development, and target setting.

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