NewClimate is working with Öko-Institut to explore options, barriers and solutions for mitigating AFOLU sector emissions, including emissions from enteric fermentation, manure management, rice production, land use, and more.

The project entails two major components:

  • Analysing options and barriers to mitigating GHG emissions in agriculture and developing recommendations for action to overcome these barriers. The work is structured around the types of barriers identified by the IPCC, e.g. economic, technical, environmental, and examines them at different levels of governance, from local to international.
  • Exploring these options in more detail to identify opportunities for enhanced mitigation in 10 selected countries. This work involved understanding the current agricultural system in each country, identifying and quantifying the mitigation potential for selected AFOLU measures, analysing the barriers towards their implementation, and developing country-specific recommendations to drive ambitious climate action in the sector.
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