This briefing introduced a new Global Stocktake of net zero commitments; assessing the status and trends of net zero target-setting across countries, sub-national governments, and corporates - released for the first time since the original ‘Taking Stock’ report in 2021.

Speakers: Takeshi Kuramochi (NewClimate Institute), Angel Hsu (Data-Driven EnviroLab), Richard Black (ECIU) and Thomas Hale (Oxford Net Zero)

A mobility just transition: perspectives on inclusive transport, including aviation
Venue COP 27, Amon (150)
Date 15 Nov 2022
Start time 11:30 am

This event will explore a just transition to sustainable mobility, with particular focus on regional and gendered perspectives. It will...

Online event: What is a good target design and how do countries compare?
Venue Online
Date 21 Sep 2022

What is a good target design and how do countries compare? The Climate Action Tracker tracks government climate action in around 40...

Online event: Fuentes de financiamiento articulables a los procesos de descarbonización en LAC
Venue Online
Date 07 Sep 2022

In this Spanish online-event, Lukas Kahlen presented on the current situation and trends in the energy and and agriculture sectors...

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