This event described the status of the energy transition in various Southeast Asian countries and illustrates, how research-based evidence can positively shape the narrative around decarbonising the energy sector, with examples from Thailand and Indonesia.

Speakers:  Swithin Lui, NewClimate Institute; Siripha Junlakarn, Energy Research Institute; Gustavo de Vivero, NewClimate Institute; Lisa Wijayani, Institute for Essential Services Reform

You can join this side event either at the venue or virtually by tuning in through the SB 56 platform or through the UNFCCC's YouTube stream.

A mobility just transition: perspectives on inclusive transport, including aviation
Venue COP 27, Amon (150)
Date 15 Nov 2022
Start time 11:30 am

This event will explore a just transition to sustainable mobility, with particular focus on regional and gendered perspectives. It will...

Online event: What is a good target design and how do countries compare?
Venue Online
Date 21 Sep 2022

What is a good target design and how do countries compare? The Climate Action Tracker tracks government climate action in around 40...

Online event: Fuentes de financiamiento articulables a los procesos de descarbonización en LAC
Venue Online
Date 07 Sep 2022

In this Spanish online-event, Lukas Kahlen presented on the current situation and trends in the energy and and agriculture sectors...

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