At COP28, negotiators must deliver a rapid response plan to the Global Stocktake that decarbonizes economies at a pace and depth scale not seen before, offers much more focus on building resilience to climate impacts and significantly increases finance flowing toward climate solutions in developing countries. But once the final gavel drops, how can leaders translate signals from the Global Stocktake into tangible progress on the ground?

In this side event, government representatives and others explored how countries, cities and others can use a strong Global Stocktake outcome at COP28 as a jumping off point for advancing bold climate actions and policies at home, including laying the groundwork for submitting much stronger nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in 2025. Speakers also touched on resources that will likely be available at the regional and international level to support ambitious climate action.


Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute


  • Ana Toni, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Brazil
  • Manuel Pulgar Vidal, WWF
  • Sophie Boehm, World Resources Institute
  • Angelo Kairos T. dela Cruz, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities


  • WRI, ClimateWorks Foundation, NewClimate Institute, WWF, CAN Europe
COP28: Early retirement of fossil fuel assets
Venue IDFC pavilion, Blue Zone
Date 11 Dec 2023
Start time 06:30 pm

This side event aimed to support development banks to learn how they could best mobilise finance to enable ambitious early retirement...

COP28: Funding the Green Transition: Navigating Developing Countries’ Climate Finance Needs
Venue SE Room 8, Zone B6
Date 09 Dec 2023
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In the context of the Global Stocktake and negotiations on the NCQC to mobilise climate finance, this side event discussed articulation...

COP28: Ratcheting integrity of net zero commitments to unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum
Venue SE Room 3, Blue Zone, COP28
Date 08 Dec 2023
Start time 04:45 pm

National net zero targets and climate litigation have strengthened markedly in recent years, and UNFCCC’s new Recognition and...

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